status update

Lindan (Team Lindsey and Brendan) has successfully created an independent object that can authenticate with an RB server.  We’re not 100% on some of how the cookie is grabbed from the server but that can be for a later time.

Now that we are at least somewhat comfortable with development we’d like to try and sketch out what exactly we need to create for this API.  That is, we’d like to be able to draw out all the objects and the way they interact with each other and RB.

PS. Since Lindan is clearly a merging of the minds of Lindsey and Brendan we are comfortable with referring to Lindan as a singular entity.  There’s no “I” in Lindan.. wait..


One thought on “status update

  1. rbpythonapi Post author

    It seems we are just hitting our heads against a wall right now, so I’d like to propose a different approach.

    First, we write a client script that will use the soon to be created API to both publish a new review and update an existing review. This way we’ll be able to look at how the API needs to be structured from a high level. Then of course, we’ll create the subset of the API required to run the client script, and take things from there.



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