Web U.I. Update


After lunch we tried to adjust the admin settings, and ran into a few speed bumps.   We thought we were changing the settings immediately, but for some reason there were some values that weren’t updating.  Later we realized that weren’t adding the logic in the correct file.  At the time we needed to restart the server in order for the changes to show.  We were modifying forms.py instead of views.py.  Hopefully we rectify this tomorrow.

We also successfully set up our multiple branch repository solution.  Our shared project is on a branch on Laila’s  fork.  On my fork I have a branch for our shared project in addition to my own branch for the interface comment collapsing/expanding.  Laila also forked the windows installer.  Tomorrow we will test pushing/pulling to make sure there are no errors.

Sincerely, Kevin and Laila


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