API Discoveries

I just realized something about how HTTP POSTing works through the RB Server (or maybe in general, I am a noob.)  It seems that when you first POST, say to create a new review request, you POST to the new review request resource url (for example, “<rb-server-url>/api/json/reviewrequests/new/”.)  Once you have done this it seems a draft is made and now this resource is accessible from the review request ID assigned to it (like “<rb-server-url>/api/json/reviewrequest/<ID>/”.)

What is most interesting though, is that now when I want to make changes to this review request, lets say to update a field like the Summary, I make the update through the <full-resource-url>/set/.  If I finally want to publish this review, I would HTTP POST to <full-resource-url>/publish/.

I thought this was interesting because originally I had understood that things like set and publish would be options set through the header or body POSTed.



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