Review Board Code Sprint

UCOSP Code Sprint (October 2010)

Prior to the sprint we had tentitively decided on subgroups and projects.  Upon arrival at the university we divided into these groups and started getting setup.  Most of the team had their development environment set up before lunch.  We had a minor issue with internet connectivity, but it wasn’t a huge deal.

A huge part of the sprint was working collaboratively and browsing through the source code.  Whether it was JavaScript files, API scripts, or the extension branch each team member spent a substantial amount of time learning how Review Board works.  The general consensus was there was substantial progress made, but that progress wasn’t necessarily a lot of new code.

Specifically here is what each group accomplished:

  • Created mock authentication class
  • Web API research
  • Learned about REST
  • Comment collapse/expand planning
  • Windows installer research
  • Post-Commit model
  • Admin U.I. modification
  • New review U.I. modification
  • GoogleCode API research
  • Proposal for RB-BugTracker association
  • Export CSV button
  • Bug fixing
Overall the sprint was a success.  We got the opportunity to meet many interesting people, and learn a great deal.  Despite not having our mentors present, Mike Conley provided more than adequate support.  Hopefully we can continue to contribute to Review Board.

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