Speed Bump

I seem to have hit a bit of a bump.  Although I can successfully make GETs and some POST and PUT requests something odd is happening.  If I PUT to update a review request’s status field, which tells whether it is either ‘discarded’, ‘pending’, ‘submitted’, there are no problems; a success code is returned and the change can be seen through the Web UI.  However, if I try to update any other field I get an error back, saying: ‘Field is not supported’.

The specific WebAPIError is #105 INVALID_FORM_DATA – ‘One or more fields had errors’.  I’ll need to bring this up in tomorrow’s meeting.



One thought on “Speed Bump

  1. Christian Hammond

    Very few things can be modified on a ReviewRequest resource itself. Actual updates to the fields take place on the associated ReviewRequestDraft resource. This prevents updates from being visible until that draft is published (PUT public=1).


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