Meeting Minutes: October 10, 2010

The IRC log for this meeting can be found be find here.


* Hongbin: Investigating the Google Code API.

* Lindsey/Brendan : We’ve both done some work on the API to flush out requirements, now we just need to recombine and see what we have discovered.

* kfquinn: Working on fixing the invalid user/group bug, started (and almost finished) the collapsible/expandable reviews.


* Brendan suggest to refer PEP-8 for code standard:

* The reviewboard-dev list is a great resource – not just ChipX86 and purple_cow, but a ton of other developers who might have an opinion or some advice.

* Setting several smaller hard deadlines is good. Break your task into a few chunks and maybe set a hard deadline every couple weeks for that chunk


Q. Do we need a “reviewboard installation directory” for something? Since reviewboard is installed via easy_install?

A. We probably don’t need an actual directory.

Q. Are there any hard deadlines?

A. Dec 7th.


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