Status Updates

Brendan and Lindsey:

-Split up parts of the API and worked on them. The idea was to get a rough framework in place, and flush out some of our requirements at the same time.
-Came up with a standardized documentation scheme so that the API will be consistent
-Formed an action plan for dividing up work, and staying in communication.


-The parts of the API that I have been responsible thus far are: a ServerManager for authenticating clients (almost completely done), A Repository object responsible for storing information about the local system, and for performing tasks like diffs (part-way done, I know what I am doing though) and a utility class for various tasks like handling i/o, errors, etc. (written, but will be updated on an ongoing basis). My parts of the framework should be finished by tomorrow, at which point Lindsey and I can recombine code, flush code out, and remove abstractions.
-I plan on having the minutes from our first irc meeting complete and uploaded to the Google group either: before today’s meeting, or shortly thereafter.

-Problems: scheduling issues on my part. Resolved by creating a consistent and structured schedule for getting work done.

-Next steps: combining code with Lindsey and creating a functional (albeit bare-bones) API up and running.


-Created the ServerInterface class to make RESTful HTTP calls to a ReviewBoard server.
-Started making the Resource class to handle resources.

-Problems: None.

-Next steps: Continue working on the Resource class, and put what I have done together with what Brendan has done.

-Got installer to install python iff it’s not already installed.
-Set up the ui (more or less) to allow choosing optional installation components.

-Problems: None.

-Next steps: Install reviewboard and easy_install dependencies, and work out some ui bugs.


-Fixing invalid user/group bug.
-Implementing collapsible reviews.
-Contemplating implementing post-commit reviews.

-Problems: Review Board conventions (silly spaces) and insufficient knowledge of code.

-Next steps: Finish bug, finish collapsible reviews (soon), and start implementing post-commit reviews.


-Finished my first code review. 🙂
-Familiarized myself more with the extensions code.

-Problems: I need to set a concrete time for working on this to make sure I’ll get stuff done every week.

-Next steps: Continue working on Excel extension, fixing problems I find in the framework along the way.


-Investigated the GoogleCode API.

-Problems: I need to investigate how to do a secure authentication by utilizing GoogleCode API.

-Next steps: I am going to write a proposal about reviewboard issue tracker integration next week.


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