Oct 17th Meeting Minutes

Sunday, Oct 17 – 2010
ReviewBoard Students Meeting

-More or less at half way point of the course -> so if you feel stalling you need to get into gear!
-Some suggestions for getting into gear are:
mailing list
(don’t deal with it alone!)

Onto status reports:
-Merge brendan’s branch and then push to github
-Write-up on the blog about the parts and what they do/can do
-Also put it up on reviewboard

Remember, review requests don’t always have to be finished products.

-Export comments to excel request still needs clarification (have yet to get feedback from the requestor) -> for now move on to something else
-Mike C. is wondering about extensions being configurable:
-rbreports has a “to do..” page that gets linked when clicking on it’s “configure” button
-Extensions are each given a JSON string for them to hold onto config. variables
-But getting from the UI to the JSON isn’t there

-Although a generalization layer would be usefull for the bug-tracker service, for now work on getting it working just with Google Code
-Look into AuthSub proxy authentication scheme that Google API uses, instead of holding onto user/pass in the database
-The above method creates a token which allows you to make requests, create comments, etc on behalf of a user.  This token is designed to be able to passed through 3rd party services so there is no security issue.
-Maybe work on a python script to play with the API and try to authenticate

-Good job on user/group bugfix and collapsable reviews
-Having trouble contacting Laila on the join project.  Kevin is thinking about switching out of their group project and working on UI usability improvements such as “One Click Ship It”, “Inline Help/Tips”, and “Workflow Improvements.”
-For now though, wait till we can get in touch with Laila and then proceed from there.
-Can do some shallow investigations into the other projects, but no assumptions yet!




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