Status Update(Oct11-17)

* Finished up the Resource class and some touches to the ServerInterface.
* Met with Brendan to put our components together and discuss the next piece.
* Next Steps: Get feedback/validation and proceed from there.
* Roadblocks: None.

* At a bit of a roadblock, uncertain where to go next.
* Roadblocks: I commented on the extension idea about exporting comments to Excel 2 weeks ago, asking for more information, but there haven’t been any comments since then. Because of that, I am uncertain what exactly is wanted, i.e. whether it should be CSV or some other type of file read by Excel, and how exactly it should be formatted.
* Next steps: Either get more details on the Excel extension, or pick a different extension to start working on.

* Mainly working on writing bug tracker integration proposal.
* Listening feedback about the proposal from others and revising the design according to those advise.
* Roadblock: None.
* Next steps: I will try to modify proposal. After the proposal has been approved, I will start the implementation.

* Worked out some UI bugs and made the installer presentable.
* Tested the python and setup_tools installation.
* Worked on installing Patch silently –> still in progress.
* Problems: Not sure what Kevin and I are doing on our joint project –> we are talking about it now.
* Next steps: Finish with Patch, install PyCrypto and PIL and the easy_install dependencies.

* Finished up ServerManager (API tool that user interfaces with) and RBUtilities (collection of utility functions), created Repository (which needs a whole bunch of work).
* Met with Lindsey to put our components together Hooked ServerInterface (Lindsey’s ) inot ServerManager( my code ), and started building tools for Creation/Updating/Publishing/Deleting review requests (should be finished by meeting). Lindsey’s better understanding of REST was paramount.
* Next Steps: get feedback.

* Finished invalid user/group bug.
* Finished first version of collapsible reviews.
* Next Steps: revisit post-commit model Web U.I.
* Next Steps: review what has already been worked on.
* Roadblocks: none.


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