First Draft Posted

Finally!  I just finished posting what we have so far for review.  To anyone interested, this can be found at

I had some issues in creating the review that I figured would be worth mentioning here.  At first we were working off of our own fork and when you try to post-review ReviewBoard doesn’t realize where the upstream branch is to base off of (or something like that.)  Long story short, Mike helped to provide the solution:

git clone git://; cd rbtools                                        #clone from upstream
git remote add lindsey; git fetch lindsey        #add our fork for tracking and fetch it
git branch lindsey-master lindsey/master                                                                             #black magic?
git checkout -b lindsey-master-merge; git merge lindsey-master                                     #checkout and merge in our work
post-review                                                                                                                                  #finally create a review request



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