Status Updates – Oct 18th/24th

* Submitted our work for review <>.
* Made touch ups to conform to pep8 code standard.
* Next Steps: Get feedback, particularly on the architecture of the project.
* Roadblocks: Same as next steps – waiting on feedback.

* Set up Christian’s extensions on my dev server.
* Found the SettingsForm code in the rbcia extension and in the process of implementing it on her Excel extension to test it.
* Next steps: Finish testing SettingsForm code. If it works, then start work on a new extension.
* Roadblocks: None.

* Rewrote the Reviewboard bug tracker integration.
* Started to implement the proposal.
* Next steps: Continue to do the extension implementation.
* Roadblocks: None

* Installer now installs: Python, Setup Tools, Patch, Pycrypto, PIL, and Reviewboard + dependencies.
* The database/source control components will (after a conversation with Christian) install only the python dependencies, not the actual database. That is also done but untested.
* We check whether Patch or Setup Tools are on the PATH, and whether Python is installed, before installing.
* Started investigating “Adding File Attachment to Reviewboard” which is the project she’ll be tackling after the installer.
* Next steps: Lots of testing — Having trouble right now because paramiko’s website has gone down and she can’t seem to install it properly. Also checking things like if Python is already installed and what version. Do we need to work on an Uninstaller as well?
* Roadblocks: SILENT INSTALLS: currently Pycrypto and PIL are not silent and the same goes for anthing Easy_Install.

* Got our code up for review and started making changes based on comments.
* Next Steps: Get feedback on the current architecture of our project. Continue to touch up code based off comments.
* Roadblocks: Waiting on feedback

*Invalid user/group submitted.
*Collapsible reviews posted.
*Implementing “One-Click Ship it!”
*Implementing inline help.
* Next Steps: Implementing inline help/one-click
* Roadblocks: None.


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