Using ReviewBoard

This week, Lindsey and I’s code was posted up on ReviewBoard (read about Lindsey’s trials and tribulations in posting it here. This was an interesting experience, because it is simultaneously my first real use of ReviewBoard, and my first public showing of code I have written for ReviewBoard. This was a nerve-racking but useful experience, because I didn’t want to find out that we had wasted a couple weeks on code while thinking of the problem incorrectly, but I did want to find out how I could improve my code.


My first impression is that ReviewBoard is indeed pretty good software, both in ease of use, and in ability for individuals to talk about code. I had been pretty sure that this would be the case, but nonetheless, it is nice to have the last little doubts removed. This is good because ReviewBoard would really fill a niche at the company that I work, and I can now confidently recommend that we start using it.


P.S. So far the feedback has been constructive and kind. There are definitely changes to be made, but nothing was done earth-shatteringly incorrectly, so I think that Lindsey and I might be off to a good start.


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