Minutes for October 24


  • get your status reports in to whoever is compiling them
    • do so in a timely manner
  • if someone hasn’t sent you the status report, send them a reminder


  • Google Code-In
    • program for 13-18 aged students
    • bounty based
    • students choose from a list of tasks, complete it, submit for approval
    • A list is being made. If you see anything that work as a project let us know (that includes things like test infrastructure, documentation, etc)


  • All seem to be going well
  • Brendan + Lindsey:
    • Christian will have a review up toadyish
    • should update their diff to their newest changes
    • Concrete list of scripts: (would like to see a script for almost anything in the web ui [though not necessarily all during UCOSP])
      • close/open review request, add screenshot, get diff, show info, display request/replies/etc, upload diff, publish,
      • rb apply <review_request_id> (applying a diff (ex rb apply-diff))
    • commands should be short to code
    • holster for all of the commands
      • ex git-apply, git-clone, etc.
      • “there may be some usefulness in there you can do such as get the base path and attempt to use the right stripping, or use things like ‘git apply’ to do the patching”
    • RB bug causes some git-generated diffs to distort
  • Hongbin:
    • Everything is fine
  • Kevin:
    • UI project will probably be inline help followed by expanded user page
    • a timeline will be mailed out soon
  • Laila:
    • How silent should the installer be?
      • some extensions (PyCrypto, PIL, etc) are kind of messy
      • easy_install generates console stuff
        • spawn in minimized window?
      • GUI installers (distutil’s, pycrypto/pil) show stuff
        • may have undocumented silent modes (some searching has been done thus far).
        • installer within an installer without a silence option
          • bug in dstutil
      • Ugliness acceptable, not ideal
      • Working > esthetics
      • sneek peek soon on ReviewBoard
  • Uninstaller is beyond scope (python uninstallation is a mess)
    • cannot yet be done through distutils
  • To check if something is installed:
    • python –c “import reviewbaord” gives an error code of 0, “import foobar” gives 1
      • -c executes the script passed in quotes to it
    • check path using “echo %PATH%”
      • if changed, search using it won’t find stuff
      • PYTHONPATH probably not a good alternative
      • it’s being looked into
  • Lianne:
    • wanted a bit more information about her project
      • Configuration stuff was mostly just checking to see whether it still worked
        • seems not to be in not to bad of shape
      • should be able to load/save ints, strings, bools, etc. Show correctly on widgets.
        • it does
    • project suggestion: GSOC project from a couple years ago using webhooks (notifying external services of updates) never made it into reviewboard proper. Turn it into an extension
      • Code currently on github, integrated into the RB codebase
      • A webhook sends a request to some server when an even is fired
        • it serializes the update into a JSON and does an HTTP POST on 1+ urls
        • example: GitHubs post-commit notifier
        • could be used to trigger an automated build, etc.


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