Status Updates Halloween


  • This Week:
    • Started making changes to API based on feedback. Changes are ongoing
    • New code is up for review
  • Next Step:
    • Finish current changes + new ones raised by new review
  • Roadblocks
    • None


  • Status
    • Successfully implemented authentication to GoogleCode bug tracker.
    • Fixed a bug about the script “” failed on Windows.
    • Discovered a possible bug of missing database’s name in generated script “”.
  • Next Step
    • Implement the status notification to GoogleCode bug tracker.
    • Support other bug trackers.
  • Roadblocks
    • None


  • Status:
    • Posted first draft of ‘one-click shipit’
    • Posted third draft of ‘collapsible reviews’
    • Started planning the ‘user’ page
  • Next Steps
    • Finish the mockups and implement the ‘user’ page
  • Roadblocks
    • none


  • This Week:
    • Fixed many silent install issues: we now install everything but some python modules (using distutil) silently.
    • Fixed issues with changing the system PATH variable
    • Testing: the installer makes Reviewboard work (almost) out of the box for MySQL and Apache, using Mod_Python. fastcgi and wsgi require more configuration.
    • Lots of error-checking work (did an installation fail, is a Python module already installed…) and cleaning up the code
    • The installer now installs MySQLdb python module to work with MySQL, and pysvn to work with SVN.
  • Next Steps:
    • Work on Perforce, Git, CVS, PostgreSQL, and Mercurial support
    • More testing of all these configurations and Python 2.6 vs. 2.5.
  • Roadblocks:
    • None


  • Status: Unfortunately not much has changed since last week, thanks to midterm season.
  • Next Step: Move webhooks code into a new extension.
  • Roadblocks: None, besides midterms.


  • Status:
    • Plugging away.  I made some large changes to our code structure based off the feedback given.
      The latest changes have been updated to the review request.
  • Roadblocks:
    • Still not 100% sure how to search for children through the tree, when the child resource is based off of different field_ids then that of its parent.  For example:The “screenshot_comments” resource list has the following uri template:
    • However, it’s child resource object, “screenshot_comment”, has a different structure of template:
    • “http:\/\/\/api\/review-requests\/{review_request_id}\/reviews\/{review_id}\/screenshot-comments\/{comment_id}\/”
  • Next Steps:
    • Wait for feedback from the latest post, and while doing so I’m going to try and work out the issue I have come across.

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