Minutes for the 14th of November

We went through our status updates:

  • Brendan has finished up some more code and merged with Lindsey again. All they need to do now is write up more commands.
  • Brendan and Lindsey need to watch out for changes made upstream.
  • Hongbin’s computer died last week, causing him to have to rewrite some code.
  • The Google Code part of his project is done, and now he’s moving on to other bug trackers.
  • This link might be useful for Bugzilla stuff: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugzilla:REST_API
  • Laila’s installer is pretty much done. She has posted a review of issues she’s found with the installer.
  • She is starting to work on file attachment now.
  • I (Lianne) have written this blog post about my current status and next steps.
  • Lindsey has been working on things like basic authentication in the server interface, a RootResource class, and being able to add scripts and have them run through “rb <new script name>”.
  • Lindsey and Brendan need to try to clean up their commits using git rebase -i <parent branch> to merge commits.
  • Kevin has been implementing the user page, which displays your gravatar, groups, and reviews.

Since there are only 4ish weeks left in the term, we should be laying out our goals in a blog post each week. Also, we should be planning what we want to demo.

This week, our goals are due on Friday.


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