End of Term todo

Hi Folks,

Ok so currently I am starting to plan out my screencast, and am trying to finish the user page. I suspect I will finish both, but the user page will probably need more work. I will post a review shortly. Anyways here is what I am thinking.

Nov 21 – Nov 27

  • Finish implementation of user page.
  • Finish planning of screencast.
  • Consider future work.

Nov 28 – Dec 4

  • Finish screencast.

Dec 5 – Dec 11

  • Tie up loose ends.
  • Continue adding to the user page (outside of the course).

It doesn’t feel like I have much to do, but we will see. I’m hoping to finish coding by next week, and finish the screencast by the 4th. Hopefully this will leave me time to polish the deliverables. Good luck to everyone!

P.S. Here are some screenshots of the current version of the user page.

Username Hover

User Page


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