Status Updates – November 21st


  • Refined the architecture of the RBBugTracker extension. All the work is the preparation for adding another bug tracker ‘BugZilla’.
  • Added several page to let custom configure the extension.
  • Did some manual test for GoogleCode bug tracker.
  • Updated the code review and Github for this extension.
  • Road Blocks: None.
  • Next Step: Supported ‘BugZilla’.


  • Created new extension for webhooks.
  • Created within that extension.
  • Road Blocks: None.
  • Next Step: Finish moving webhooks code into the extension.


  • Fixed (hopefully all) the bugs in client.
  • Mostly finished an rb-diff command.
  • Setbacks: having a couple weird issues with a file not recognizing updates in an imported file, have been using a workaround thus far.
  • Next Week: finish diff, + another few commands; create a config system for storing/updating basic information like server url, etc


  • Made rb-upload which allows you to upload a screen-shot.  Tried to upload diffs but couldn’t get it working.  Also, made a basic graphical resource browser.
  • Road Blocks: Uploading diffs.  Not too sure why this isn’t working as it seems I am sending the same data/format as does post-review.  Will have to continue to investigate this.
  • Next Steps: Get uploading diffs to work!  Once this is done rb-create and rb-upload/patch can be made.
    Ask about making another API component which would read/write a config file for the rbtools API.


  • Finished rough file attachment backend.
  • Working on rough but functional UI.
  • Road Blocks: None.
  • Next Steps: finish a decent UI and see what people think; clean up code and add any minor features that are missing.


  • Status: Working on user page.
  • Road Blocks: None.
  • Next Steps: Finish page.

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