Status Updates – November 28st

– Status:
* Modified installer after a code review by Mike.
* File attachment now works without comments: we are able to attach files, download them, and delete them.
* Commenting is partially done, should be finished within a day or two and then I’ll post the code.
* UI is very rough but functional right now.

– Next Steps:
* Get comments working completely. Need some feedback on how comments should look.
* Get some feedback on how file descriptions should work and on refactoring File attachment out of the “reviews” app.
* Show some ideas for UI and get feedback.
* Start screencast work.

– Roadblocks:
* None.

– Status:
* Got uploading diff’s working. Scripts rb-create and rb-upload both now work.

– Road Blocks:
* None.

– Next Steps:
* Need to understand what rb-patch should do exactly. Polish up the resource-browser (for our screen-cast.) Make any changes based on feedback in

– Status:
* Ran into some git problems that slowed me down a lot and kept me from testing, so it’s hard to tell how close to done my extension is, but it should be getting close.

– Roadblocks:
* Still working on the git issues.

– Next step:
* Finish extension; make sure it works.

– Status:
* Working on support of Bugzilla. Mainly investigating its API and starting writing code by using its API.
* Refining the the code base on feedback from Mike in the code review

– Roadblocks:
* I am not sure it is roadblock or not. I found that most of the Bugzilla server don’t have the REST API installed, which is one of the requirements of my extension.

– Next step:
* Finish the Bugzilla integration.
* Fully test the extension.

– Status:
* Finished global configuration file and accessor rb-diff fixes to client code.

– next week:
* Polishing up code maybe another script or two if we are missing unctionality.

– roadblocks:
* Nope

– Status: Working on user page.
– Road Blocks: None.
– Next Steps: Finish page.


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