Meeting Minutes – Nov 28th

For the most part everyone seems on track – which is good considering all the projects due at this time of year 🙂

Brendan was wondering how to download a diff from a review board server.  Pointed in the direction of, specifically setting the mime-accept type.

rb-patch should: download a diff, and apply (merge) it to the current working copy.  It should optionally commit the change as well.

We should be installing all the rb-* scripts and have rb look for them to run.  Either put them in the path, or maybe the better option would be to put them in a special directory so as not to clutter the path.

Regarding Bugzilla and REST: it seems that the REST API is built on top of XML-RPC API so it would seem best to use XML-RPC API instead.  That being said, there isn’t enough time left.  Hongbin will focus on polishing what he has with REST API and getting his demo ready.

For Laila, regarding keeping some views public, in this case its ok to do so and import them.
Also, she’s having some troubles with captions in screenshots.  It sounds like its a bug though;  need to take a look at the template as it may be broken.
She was wondering if it was reasonable to not allow the editing of filenames – which is fine.
Also should files have descriptions (as opposed to captions, which are a little shorter.)  Again, that sounds fine as long as they don’t get *too* long (like more than one line.)
Finally, although its a good idea to have uploading files and captions in the same UI dialog, for now we should use two separate ones so as not to add any confusion.

Just a reminder, you do need to submit a screencast of your work.  The idea is to cover as much of what you did but still keep it short (don’t drone on!)


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