Near the finish line


So I just posted my final review. This was the work I’ve done for the Review Board user page. It took a while to get the style right, but the end result is simple and elegant (or at least I think so). Anyways while I wait for feedback I will finish my screencast. I had drawn a story board, and begun taking screenshots/video of possible slides. I have a few ideas to ‘spice’ things up, but we will see how time permits. I’m planning to be finished the screencast by Friday.

Seeing as most of my work is posted I will sum up my work this semester:

  • Spelling mistake.
  • Review draft, invalid user/group warning.
  • Collapsible reviews.
  • One-click ship it.
  • Review Board user page (with hover preview).

The spelling mistake review was purely to get my feet wet. The invalid user/group review was not as simple as I thought, but it was a good starting point for using Review Board’s CSS and JavaScript. My first major contribution was the collapsible reviews. I would have liked to use more JavaScript (for animation), but opted to side with efficiency with mostly CSS. The one-click ship it, was a simple modification to the ui to allow an easy way to submit a simple review. Finally the last piece of work I have contributed was the user page. It’s simple, but I could expand on the design later.



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