Final Week

This really is the last week for any real changes to be made, as next week will be centered on making our Screencast, getting ready to commit our branch, and handling any last-minute problems that arise as the result of the ReviewRequest.

Lindsey and I have gotten a lot done (Lindsey is a coding machine), and I think we really are on schedule, so there are only a few things left that need to be finished up.

On Lindsey’s end, he has a change so that rb-* commands so that they can be called from anywhere, a minor adjustment to one of Resource’s subclasses, and work on the GUI client that we plan on using for our Screencast (Maybe some other things too).

On my end, I am going to be creating an rb-patch command, that will download a patch from the server, apply it, and optionally commit it. I am also going to be making some adjustments to how our configuration file is handled, so that it allows comments and grouping of variables. I also need to look into good software for making screencasts.

It has been an interesting project to work on. I have gotten to know about ReviewBoard, which is truly a well-thought-out piece of software. I am recommending that my current employer start using it. I’ve also learned how to use git (git mergetool is a lifesaver, and I’m unsure why it is not prominently mentioned to git newbies), and a much better understanding of python (I had been using python for writing quick scripts for a while now, but had never dealt with objects, or other complex interactions). Thanks to this project I feel like I could handle creating a real program in python.



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