Meeting Minutes: Dec 5, 2010

  • We’re on the home stretch!  Screencasts are going up this week!
  • In general, the team seems to be feeling good / dandy / less-panicked
  • Screencasts are going to be posted on YouTube.  Once you’ve recorded yours, either post them on YouTube yourself (you’ll need an account), or send them to Mike via a service like YouSendIt, and he’ll post it.  Please don’t e-mail him the videos as attachments.
  • Once your video is up on YouTube, just embed it into a blog post, and you’re all set.
  • Christian and David will be putting the videos up on as well.
  • Beanbag, Inc
    • Beanbag, Inc. was recently formed!  Beanbag, Inc is Christian / David’s start-up centered around Review Board-related development and services.
    • Beanbag, Inc does NOT change anything about Review Board with respect to it being free, open-source, etc.  If anything, Beanbag, Inc will foster open-source development on Review Board.
  • Even though your projects are coming to a close, you can still contribute to Review Board!  It’s be awesome if you did.  Even if its just to polish up loose threads on your projects.
  • Cleaning up Git history:
    • Once you’ve pushed to GitHub, those changes are staying there unless you wipe out the branch – so it’s good for things to be clean BEFORE you post to GitHub
    • Failing that, you can kill off the old branch (git push my_repo :<branch_name>) and recreate
    • The big tools for local history cleanup are “git rebase -i master” and “git commit –amend”
    • A trick there is to create a new temporary branch at the tip of your current branch, and it’ll act as a save point
    • It’s also nice to have one commit per conceptual change – and to merge bug fixes in with the change that introduced that code
    • Another tip:  ‘git add -p filename’ will allow you to choose only the pieces of your change for that file that you want to stage for commit, instead of the whole file
  • Post-mortem
    • We’re meeting again next Sunday, same time as usual.  No status reports.  No meeting minutes.  We’re just going to talk about pluses and minuses about the course.
    • Also, after the course is done, each student should send Mike a quick e-mail talking about how they felt they did in the course.
  • Continuing contributions to Review Board
    • Everybody is absolutely welcome to keep contributing to Review Board once the term is up!  It’s encouraged!
    • The reviewboard-ucosp list, however, should be deprecated in favour of the official reviewboard-dev and reviewboard mailing lists.

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