Meeting Minutes: Jan 16, 2011

First meeting:

  • If people don’t have laptops for the code sprint, there will be Ubuntu machines available. ReviewBoard will have to be setup on them.
  • Everyone will want to have their github accounts set up as well as a reviewboard fork before the code sprint
  • Had a git tutorial after the meeting (posted at:
  • All code is reviewed at:
  • Post code to gitHub even if it is not complete that way the review process can start out early and hopefully catch bugs/issues early
  • The RB bug list is located at:
  • Issues and code ideas that are organized by difficulty can be found at:
  • There is also a list of easy-fix bugs for us to try out and get comfortable with the codebase at:
  • Mike mentioned a new idea for an extension: an extension that lets review requesters anonymously review their reviews
  • If anyone doesn’t know what project they would like to work on, one could be assigned
  • markstrmr – interested in theme support, UI for committed code, and javascript test
  • KAmlani – interested in extension code
  • Steve – interested in themes and scalability testing
  • Mengyun – interested in spell checking
  • CrystalLokKoo – interested in extension and the Web UI
  • Teresa – interested in quick search and user browser


The code sprint:

  • meet everyone in person
  • try to work on the project together (possibly partner up for the larger project)
  • kevin will be at the code sprint
  • team leads will likely be available in the #reviewboard-students IRC channel
  • The team will be meeting up at the pub by the hotel on Thursday night
  • It would be a good idea to look over the easy-fix and code-in ideas (look for easy ones and try them out to get familiar with the codebase as well as with using git)
  • Whenever you pick a bug from the list e-mail the review board list to claim it

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