First Bug Fix

Issue 1233

Fortunately I started this bug fix last week, since all today has been setting up a different computer (borrowed one from the U of A) and trying to get the changes I’ve made.  Kevin’s script made this much easier.

Apparently I failed to push my repo at home, I guess I figured if it was commited to the rb then it was pushed, but its not the case.  Instead, had to add an ssh key to git hub (good walk through at  So added change from review board as a patch (git apply bug.patch).

However, ran into some additional roadblocks in testing it since, for some reason, the ‘add review group’ feature crashed on this computer.  Christian fixed the bug & Mark helped me update the files.  (However Mengyun discovered a similar crash when trying to add the repository).

Finally, made an update to the original bug fix to be a little more robust & mark helped me to correctly push the update to the appropriate github location.  Also updated the post on review board.

EDIT: Presented our project, what we accomplished and what our immediate  goals were to the UCOSP Friday evening.

One thought on “First Bug Fix

  1. Mengyun Kong

    “(However Mengyun discovered a similar crash when trying to add the repository).”

    My problem looks similar but I think it was a different one.
    It was caused by the difference between my remote name and my fork name and Kevin helped me fix it.


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