Code Sprint!!!

I think I’m a little late on the blog compared to everyone else but I’m finally here for an update.

So far, I’m making slow progress with everything but I’m definitely learning a lot in a very short period of time. Yesterday (Friday), started pretty bad for me. I felt really sick at one point and left the sprint to go to the UoA Hospital to get checked out. After 2 IVs and an afternoon gone, I’m back in order although I’m still not at 100%. I went to bed early and had a fresh start to Saturday.

So today (Saturday), I attempted to make a fix where the search function includes searching for change numbers as well. This bug is actually very trivial and was only a couple of lines of code but because of my lack of knowledge of this project and Python, it took forever! 😦 It was a good learning challenge and I hope it gets better from here on. After writing this code, I made a noob mistake with Git but luckily that was dealt with an Git expert teammate. 😀 After all this, I finally submitted my first ever review request! That was definitely an exciting moment!

Moving on, I’m not sure which project I’ll be working on. It’ll probably have to do something with WebUI or quick search feature.


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