My Status on Jan 21,2011

What I’ve done

  • Got the idea of reviewboard. Set it up locally and went through some crash when adding a repository.
  • learnt how the works and the regular expressions as well as read about MVC (MTV) and templatetags in django.
  • Tried to reproduce the problem on Issue 1632 but failed to on (1.6 alpha 0 dev)
  • Continued to solve Issue 1571 (still keep trying).

What I’ve tried on Issue 1571:

  • edit reviews.css with the width of the object but the “choose file” filename still is getting short.
  • suspect it is what django does. so track to the but not sure to how to edit the feature there.


  • try to do more and learn more on Issue 1571
  • know more about how the whole project’s goal and plan
  • have a direction where I’m going to dive into

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