Using the Debugger

Try adding the condition statement chris suggested (form.groups.choices) which should allow a check to see if there is any info in the groups. But this didn’t work.  Mike then helped me step through the debugger.

check that python debugger is installed

in python: import pdb

Insert debugging code into the django code

import pdb;pdb.set_trace()

Run the debugger

Run the webpage where the source is located, then open up the server terminal where you can query the debugger commands such as “form.groups” to see the value of those fields.

Continue the debugger

pressing ‘c’ lets the continue progress past the break point.  If stdin is removed from the terminal access it can be regained by: ctrl+c to kill server, and ‘reset’ to start.


Discovered that this field isn’t generated when there is no information form the person (ie: name, etc.). Will attempt to track it down with the debugger.


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