Code Sprint – day 2

So, I did some more work on issue 1632. I’m not sure how the order_by(sort_list) actually uses the sort list to generate the SQL code, but it seems like my initial attempt to fix the problem (adding lower() around the submitter sort_item) will not work. I took a look at the SQL code being generated with the query.query.__str__() and adding lower() to the sort list didn’t seem to change anything – it also broke reviewboard (lower(submitter) was not a valid field in the query).


I will be working on adding customizable themes by the admin as my first project for reviewboard. So, I spent the rest of the day figuring out how the .html files were actually being linked to the GUI. I managed to make a new theme tab under the admin page’s settings tab by using the storage tab’s .html template. This required adding in a new /style url to the under reviewboard/admin as well as altering the reviewboard/admin/ file by adding in a new class StyleSettingsForm.


I will be looking into how to actually use the django framework to populate the theme page with data and then figuring out what kind of things should be customizable/making the GUI.



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