Status Report

Status Update:

What you’ve done this weekend:

1) Got to meet my great teammates and having a great time with them 🙂

2) Understood way more of this project

3) Learned how to use git (although I am still no pro)

4) Fixed 1 issue!!! I had 1 trailing whitespace problem though 😦

5) Slowly feeling better.

6) Half figured out what I want to do as a project for this term

What you will do next week

1) Confirm the project (Quick search functionality?) for the rest of the term

2) Do research on it

3) Continuing working on the project to see if there are some easier steps for me to start on first

4) Lots of rest and water. Get better!

Obstacles/Road Blocks

1) Lack of Python/Django experience

2) Still figuring out how RB works

3) Still not feeling 100% well


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