End-Of-Code-Sprint Status Reports


  • Got to meet my great teammates and having a great time with them :)
  • Understood way more of this project
  • Learned how to use git (although I am still no pro)
  • Fixed 1 issue!!! I had 1 trailing whitespace problem though :(
  • Slowly feeling better.
  • Half figured out what I want to do as a project for this term
Next steps
  • Confirm the project (Quick search functionality?) for the rest of the term
  • Do research on it
  • Continuing working on the project to see if there are some easier steps for me to start on first
  • Lots of rest and water. Get better!
  • Lack of Python/Django experience
  • Still figuring out how RB works
  • Still not feeling 100% well


  • Had a chance to get to know all my teammates
  • Started learning Review Board workflow and functionality
  • Started learning GIT
  • Starting installing extensions
  • Started working on my first bug, and posted a review for it
Next steps
  • Complete install of extensions
  • Learn more about what extension I am going to do
  • Make the requested changes for my posted bug fix
  • Learn more Python and about Eggs
  • Get more comfortable coding within a VM/Ubuntu
  • Completing extensions installation
  • Figuring out what the extension I am doing comprises of

Darcy (“Mengyun”)

  • Get familiar with git and reviewboard
  • effort on bugfix 1571 as a start to know the codebase
  • interested in spell checking project and begin small research on it
  • meet with nice people and nice team
Next steps
  • continue to learn more about spell checking solutions in python
  • have some ideas on how pygments and javascripts work related to spell checking part
  • set up some milestones/tasks to go further
  • lack of knowledge of git/django/djblets
  • need to be more familiar with codebase, python and the workflow in reviewboard
  • still trying hard on the language part


  • I spent most of my time working on issue 495 on ReviewBoard. It was
    a fun issue and I think I leaned a lot about DataGrids and Columns.
  • I helped people in the group with git and github.
Next steps
  • Look into the UI for reviewing commits and see if working on it with
    Crystal is feasible across two time zones…
  • Possibly look into what extension I should work on if the previous
    point doesn’t work out
  • Working on issue 495 I had a hard time getting ahold of the user
    when I wanted to render data and tried accomplishing a task with SQL
    that is not accomplishable in SQL. Christan helped me on Saturday and
    solved all my problems in 5 minutes!


  • worked on issue 1632: tried to find a fix for the sorting -> the problem is database specific and none of my fixes have worked.
  • picked a project: working on adding editable themes to the admin settings options
  • started tinkering a bit on the project: managed to create a linked in .html file and a new theme tabs under admin->settings
  • gotten set up with git (think I finally understand how it is going to work)
  • tried out the review-post to see what the process is like
Next steps
  • LEARN HOW DJANGO WORKS!! (am going to be building a simple django project outside of reviewboard – so hopefully after going through this the templates and views will make more sense and I’ll be able to add in some real content)
  • assuming the learning process goes smoothly I’ll also get started on actually having  a real page under theme instead of just a black page
  • ask one of the mentors about django’s order_by() function and maybe see if I can’t solve 1632
  • I don’t know django or how it actually generates the html
  • I’m also new to python so actually adding in code is a bit slow
  • issue 1632 seems to be a bit of a weird bug (database dependent) and the order_by(list) function doesn’t seem to be doing what I expect it to be doing (either that or submitter is not actually a field, but then why it is part of the sort_list I have no idea)
  • the codebase for the most part seems to be a bit lacking in documentation (this is making it a bit tougher to decipher what each section is actually for)


  • Fixed issue 1233
  • Chose project: robustness testing using Django-admin commands
  • Tried to understand Git (thanks to Mark for all his help)
  • Found an example of a django-admin Label Command
Next steps
  • Find more documentation on Label Command
  • Create a new Label Command file to be used as the base for testing code
  • Get it to take in some parameters and output the parameters
  • (If time) Look into what it is to change review board to use mysql
  • Not much documentation on BaseCommand or Label Command (Django site has hardly anything)
  • Not at all familiar with the database of RB
  • Don’t know python at all.
  • Have a lot of other school work to catch up on from missing this weekend so probably can’t do much this week

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