Meeting Minutes Jan. 30, 2011

First Meeting after sprint:

  • Team photo: Karen has it and Mike has emailed her about it
  • Steve’s presentation. A course requirement for him. He talked mostly about the scalability testing.
  • Our mentors (Chris, David, Kevin and Mike) do the technical bits of RB but not so much about the University/course requirements.
  • Mentors love to hear about what we are doing. Keep up with postings on the blog about your progress
  • Do not commit code to ‘master’ or ‘extensions’ branch. Always create a branch for each review request. If you do make a mistake in committing to master or extension, go get help to reverse it.
  • Send emails or post on blog about your project development plan if you haven’t done so.
  • Meet Minutes: Post the highlights of the meeting
  • UCOSP folks would like more posts on their blog about our project. So bi-weekly, they would like some high-level progress reports of what has been done. By high-leveling, it means screenshots, language for people who’ve never used RB, etc… These posts should be interesting, not just status reports. Ex: personal observations on project, problem encountered and how to resolve, issue that hasn’t been solved but the rest of community can help with, description of a feature/tool, victory dance when a feature is completed.
  • Mike will be adding names to “Who’s Doing What” for this bi-weekly posts about updates. Stay tune (thru email + blog) for who’s doing on which days/weeks
  • Chris will be doing the first post. The blog is inaccessible to us and so we have to email our blog to for them to update the blog for us.
  • Keep blogging!

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