Progress at last!

Well after seeing that the bug fix I posted entered the ‘now completely useless’ category, and banging my head against the almost non-existent django documentation, the wind was out of my sails to say the least.

At long last I finally made some progress on the db command feature I was working on.  It finally occurred to me why there was very little django documentation on parts of the feature that I was working on.  It’s because the command features are really a mash of django-python (more than usual), much of the documentation for the commands I needed were in the python documentation.  I know that Django is a webframework for python, but I was pretty sure the commands I was looking at were django-specific (mostly because of the import from DjANGO lines, and the sparse but existing documentation on django docs).

Now that I can see the line between Django and Python more clearly I can make much better progress.  I have a beta 1 prototype setup, and just have to smooth out a few details (& some deeply hidden python-django parsing techniques) and I should have the first command line prototype up and running (it won’t do anything but parse the command line arguments and pick a number from the given ranges). But I’ll be pretty happy to just accomplish that.

Just spent a lot of time on trying to parse the command line arguments with the commands that will require a range (ie: –diffs=5:30).  There is a way to make a new type in python but it doesn’t seem to translate over into Django, settled on just making a string parsing function that will do the validation & assignments.

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