Status Report – Jan 30, 2011

Teresa Hume


  • Working on Themes UI – built a simple Themes tab with a bunch of CharFields for editable options
  • Figuring out django & python by building a mini-website

Next Steps:

  • Keep getting the hang of django & python
  • Build a custom form that is more appropriate for color-selection (will want an actual color-picker and have it link to the corresponding CharField) -> Label ColorSelector TextField RestoreDefaultButton
  • Build a colorSelector (seen some in .js, but not sure how to link javascript components into django yet)
  • Figure out how to actually implement the themes change (likely using stylesheets)


  • Having some trouble posting a review this morning, I believe it is because I pushed to my github fork before post-review?
  • Issue 1632… there doesn’t seem to be a clean way to fix this (or at least not one that I can see)
  • Other classes (Assignments and Midterms are starting to close in…)

Steve Sutcliffe


  • prepared & presented a presentation about Review Board to staff & students at the U
  • read up on Python
  • finally figured out what Django is doing with the base/label commands and python’s role in all that
  • (discovered that noargs in Django doesn’t mean noargs!)
  • initial prototype for the Django Management Command prompt

Next steps

  • Continue to learn python & django a bit more
  • Finalize the prototype for the fill-db command


  • The cross-over between django & python in the Django management command is very grey, it seems to incorporate some python-related features will be very tricky, haven’t had much luck so far.
  • Documentation on django management command is not that great
  • Need some guidance from a python-django pro in adding ParseCommand arguments to Django’s seemingly limited implementation of the option_list



  • Completed set up of my environment for extensions
  • Fixed a bug in extension code and submitted it for review (was then accepted)
  • Fixed up some documentation in for extensions, submitted this for review
  • Started learning extension code, and was able to add a button in the Review area in my local environment.
  • Started to learn more about Python

Next Steps

  • Continue to learn about Python and get some more direction about my extension
  • Learn about the Python and XML framework
  • Learn about how to retrieve the review board dif details
  • My plan for developing the XMLExport extension, is to first understand how XML works and then start to look into how I can apply it to what the Review Board framework offers. As far as a timeline, I don’t really have enough information to put a firm date on when I will complete the task.


  • Need some help in learning about the review board framework



  • Working on Quick Search Feature, researching through how it’s going to work, what is needed
  • Continuing working with the mentors to figure out the best way to do this

Next steps

  • Reading lots on REST API
  • Getting familiar WEBAPI Resource that ReviewBoard has
  • Figure out how to implement this and where to start
  • Deciding what exactly to search for ex: user name, IDs, review request titles, descriptions etc…


  • Lost last weekend to Edmonton and being very ill while I was there. After returning to Vancouver, spent 2 days sick in bed. I’m feeling much better but I had to use the last couple of days to get through the backlog of homework and catching up while I was sick. I should be back in order by Sunday.



  • continue learning python & django
  • have a quick of look on documents on pygments
  • look into spell checking (articles and implements)
  • try to have a general idea on javascript
  • have a draft plan for semester

Next steps

  • make the plan reasonable (what need to do and the timelines)
  • start to work on the first task (possibly will be a simple spell check)
  • need more knowledge on djbelts/django/python and Reviewboard itself


  • lack of knowledge on codebase of rb
  • time management for 5 courses as well as rb..(already drop 4+RB now)



  • Looked into the post-commit UI.
  • I’m planning on talking to ChipX86 today to see what I will actually be working on because the post-commit UI may not work out with just me now.

Next steps

  • I will be talking to ChipX86 today before I keep working on my project.


  • Finding a project to actually get done is tough!

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