Local Code Sprint?

Well I wasn’t planning on working on this all day, but I guess when you are in the coding grove sleep (and homework) takes a far second (hopefully I can get up for class tomorrow morning!).

So I made some great progress today, although it was carefully masked by hours of reading various django.docs and model.py’s.  After thinking my program wasn’t working I sought out the all knowing Mike for some serious help, turned out it was a simple mistake on my part & viola a user was entered into the database via the command fill-database –users=N (where N is any real number).  So I had my first database entry up and working.

But, all was not well for an early night.  Unbeknownst to us there was a bug lurking deep within the program.  As I went to purge my database (so I could try my program from scratch) I got a nasty dashboard error when I tried to enter a user through the regular user interface.  It took mike & david a few minutes to resolve the issue, so there is a new master version out there!  Once that was fixed I could once again enter users manually & through my new db program! So my db program seems to create an auth_user and accounts_profile with the appropriate id.  Currently it only enters one user, but I should be able to make it easily add the required number of users later this week, it shouldn’t take long.   It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought once I had a little direction from Mike!  (It just goes to show when you get lost in a big city sometimes you don’t need to take a cab back, you just need to ask for directions!)

-Thanks Mike!

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