Status Reports



  • I’ve been working on fixing git patches so that they can be
    properly applied properly.
  • I have the patches working for new, updated and deleted files, but
    files with mode changes are a special case that doesn’t work yet.

Next Steps

  • I will probably need to talk to ChipX86 to figure out why this
    error is happening.
  • I will hopefully start on a bigger project Monday!


  • array[i]; i++ != i++; array[i] =\
  • Mode changes are really weird, they don’t seem to belong to a
    certain revision, at least when git creates the patch, and ReviewBoard
    is not happy with changes that don’t belong to a revision.



  • Completed a sample program that uses XML and Python to write out a XML File
  • Started to learn about Reviewboard Web API, and how this can help me with my extension
  • Got some more clarification on my extension
  • Decided a little bit more on how the extension will work (I.E use the configurable button under the administrator page to set the specifications of what fields the XML button in the review will export)

Next Steps

  • Learn about the Web API within my ReviewBoard. I have been told it is a little bit complicated, so I anticipate this not being a very simple task.
  • After that is completed, I need to connect that to my extension so I can get a hold of the review information.


  • I am still struggling a bit with the Review Board Web API and how it works and how to use it.


  • Made some great progress on the database script
  • Able to add users and profile information through the database script just by specifying the number of users
  • Discovered a bug in the code that David was able to fix which prevented adding new users through the interface
  • Added a customizable password to the users that are to be generated
Next Steps
  • Understand relationship between review-requests and users
  • Understand roll of review-requests
  • Determine the database requirements to populate review-requests
  • Finding all the dependencies of for review-requests (looks like there may be various types of requests


  • Wrote a new Web API Resource for quick search call SearchResource
  • After a ton of trial and error and reading after other resources, I managed to be about to list out all the users, groups, and review requests through /api/search
  • Through /api/search/?q=<keyword>, it is able to list user’s username/first name/last name, group’s display name, and review request’s ID
Next Steps
  • Although what I have done with the SearchResource works so far, I am not sure if it is the best way to do it. I need a little help for this.
  • See if I’m on the right track for SearchResource
  • Need to clean up the code as well in terms of variable naming, and styling
  • Need to implement to search and filter for group name, and review request summary
  • Start thinking/researching on how the javascript that builds the URL to use the SearchResource works and how it takes the output as well if what I’m doing with SearchResource is going in the right direction
  • Lots of questions to ask about WebApi (I had trouble finding online tutorial/resources for it)
  • A bit unsure where to move on after completing SearchResource


  • decide to use GNU Aspell for spell checking and find two libraries as python wrapper(different pros&cons)
  • able to run a simple checker with suggestion outputs (not elegant and no relation with rb)
  • read the django book to have a general idea of the framework
  • try to connect rb db with my ugly checker.(know from Crystal about WebAPI. not sure whether it can work for my future?)
  • (write a post as a 2-week report for UCOSP)
Next Steps
  • have a clearer idea of my feature (turn to Chipx86 for guidance)
  • get data from db for the checker
  • figure out where the checker should be
  • found that the development plan needs to be modified..


  • Figuring out the templates (wasn’t able to get much done this week with other assignments and interviews going on)
Next Steps
  • think of places where users may want to add in their own custom components
  • go through the templates for review board (see if any can be separated out)
    • certain pieces that would be common to require customization
  • test out extending some of the existing templates with customized templates
  • other classes (was a bad week for this)
  • interviews
  • turns out my idea of themes was very different from the themes that I will be working on


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