Status Reports



  • Finishing tests for the git patch issue
  • Getting ready to start a bigger project: OAuth, draft review
    in-your-faceifier or updates to the diff viewer to make it easier to
    see more surrounding code.

Next Steps

  • Finish the tests for the git patch.
  • Get started on something real!


  • I had some problems running certain tests with nose and running
    all of the tests takes ages.
  • Finals for classes from last semester make this semester a lot
    more difficult, but fall 2010 is finally over!



  • Spent a lot of time trying to learn about WEB API’s and how they work in reviewboard
  • Read the documentation of ‘’
  • Read some documents on how XML works in Python
  • Started to write out my script on using the WebAPI

Next Steps

  • Solidify what is going on with web api’s and how to use them by completing my script.
  • Hopefully I will be able to get all the information regarding diffs from web apis this week!


  • I have a bug in my import statement in my script that is trying to use web apis. Been trying to fix it for the past 2 days….


  • enabled ability to add review-requests when requesting data to be auto-filled
  • each user will be given a random number of review-requests between the ranges specified
  • review-requests are currently given the super user as a reviewer
  • more work may be needed on review-requests, but it should be fairly easy to add at this point
Next Steps
  • determine the details involved in diff’s on review board
  • look into adding diff’s to the fill-database program
  • I don’t have much knowledge on diff’s, how they are built etc.
  • Generating diff content might be challenging (not really sure at this point)
  • once again need to track down where/how this info gets created


  • Git tree was messed up. Submitted a review request for my SearchResource
  • Finished up SearchResource after ChipX86 code reviewed it. A couple of minor changes could have used though.
  • Researching and looking at how AutoComplete and the wrapper works. Haven’t found much success yet but working on it!
  • Had a bad week overall. Was very busy with other assignments and midterms. I’m now on reading week and ready to do more!
Next Steps
  • Get Autocomplete just to appear for the search bar. It seems to be something trivial and I seem to be missing something. I set the autocomplete’s source to some random words and when I type those words in, I’m not getting any suggestions. So for now, I am leaving out the wrapper.
  • Once I get the autocomplete to appear with the search bar, I’ll figure out how to do the wrapper for autocomplete.
  • If I get through or partially through those 2 stages, I should be able to see if my SearchResource is working as desired
  • Lack of experience with javascript, jquery, html and how everything is related


  • Searching through the template files for common components that would be extendable
  • Still figuring out the template code
Next Steps
  • Figure out how to include html templates as components into other templates
  • break up the common templates into smaller components
  • Figure out a nice way to display the extendable components option
  • Other classes/midterms


  • read the django book
  • learn about pygments
  • make progress on spell checking: check diff’s strings and comments and highlight errors
Next Steps
  • improve the feature: speed, accuracy, style, functions…
  • code style reading is needed
  • the checker need improvements when picking words to test
  • checking the whole diff is fairly time-consuming
  • is checking for text files needed & how
  • how to have a dictionary



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