Rough Timeline

Now that the term is half way over, so I should really make another timeline to see where I’m at for this project. I’ve been working on the quick search feature mostly so far. Even though the feature might be simple, the learning curve has given me lots of challenge. I actually haven’t written that many lines of code but for every little part I’ve been doing, it has taken a lot of research and questions asked in order to accomplish my task. So far,  I have written a SearchResource and polished it a couple of times to get the data that I want. It seems to work the way I want so far. For my javascript wrapper function for autocomplete, I have managed to have it autocomplete users, groups and review requests so far. Next up, the remaining tasks are:

Post review so Christian/David/Mike can see what I am up to and if my code could use some changes and provide screenshots for it. (This week)

Make it look nicer. I assume this is done with css. (This week)

Have another features such as:

Clicking on the suggestion takes you directly to the suggestion’s url. (Ex: suggestion of a specific user takes you the user’s url) (in 2 weeks)

Pressing something like tab can help you automatically autocomplete (in 3 weeks)

These are some ideas for my autocomplete. I guess there are more features I can add to the autocomplete.


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