Status Reports



  • change pyaspell into pyenchant for spell checking
  • trying to decrease the time of highlighting spell error

Next step

  • Add bottons for users to choose hightlight or not and language options


  • I planed to work more on branch in the reading break, but was pretty sick in the past week



  • Learned a lot about the WEB API and was able to successfully query it in my resource
  • Got a working resource that returns back all the information that exists within a review request!
  • Created a pile of git mistakes, and then successfully worked through all of them with mike
  • Made a timeline for the rest of the semester

Next Steps

  • Change the format of what the resource returns to match what the initial feature request is.
  • Hook up the resource to the link within the review request


  • None!



  • Had a very successful week!
  • Fixed up some SearchResource so that it also searches for groups’ display names and review requests’ summaries
  • Wrote the wrapper for AutoComplete, called SearchAutoComplete and it is able to autocomplete suggestions for users (username, firstname, lastname), groups (name, displayname) and review request (ID, summary). Looks to me that it works fully! =D

Next Step

  • More testing to make sure this always works
  • Clean up the code
  • Post review this to let others see how the code is working
  • Perhaps do something to make it look nicer (css time?) or be able to click on the suggestion and takes you to the page directly

Road Block

  • None



  • Sent ReviewBoard blog to UCOSP headquarters
  • Altered based on David’s feedback
  • Attempted to get the diff’s to upload (unsuccessful)

Next Steps

  • Figure out what is happening in the example of uploading the diff file
  • Continue to attempt to get the diff’s to upload
  • Modify the current min & max variables to be a tuple as per David’s suggestion (minor fix)

Road Blocks

  • I don’t have a good understanding of what is actually happening in the
  • Trying to implement the needed parts of the into the fill-database has been slow going



  • Fixed tests for the git diff error
  • Wrote some JavaScript for a new issue and posted review #2133

Next Steps

  • Write more tests for the git issue
  • Update the JavaScript as per Christian’s review


  • Nothing too bad 🙂



  • working on a file uploader (hoping to have it done by the meeting tonight)
    • for extending template components
  • stepping back a bit and going through some forms tutorials

Next Steps

  • figure out how to point the application at the extension templates before the default templates
  • get a way for the user to specify which template they are overriding


  • having some trouble figuring out hooking the form handlers into a specific form

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