Timeline Update

So now that I have started to make some progress on my XMLExport feature, I think I am able to make a proper timeline of how I plan to complete the feature.

I have just completed a resource that returns information within a review request. For the rest of Feburary I plan to format what is returned. I need to add code snippets into the return as well. Also, I need to hook up the resource to the button I have added to every review request page.

For March, I plan to add a configuration button in the administration page. In this I will have a series of selection boxes where the user can select what they would like the XMLExport to export. I will then have to connect these settings to my resource, and filter out what needs to be returned. I will then need to test my fix of course :). From there depending on how much time I have, I plan to start looking into style sheets, but I don’t have any knowledge on this part just yet, some guidance when this comes around would be appreciated.

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