Meeting Minutes – Feb. 20, 2011

Meeting Minutes

  • Steve – making some good progress
  • Mark – hasn’t encountered any problems
  • Kahlil – starting to feel more at ease with the project
  • Crystal – finished the javascript wrapper that she was working on
    • having some trouble with quick search – not working in every page
  • Mengyun – noticed some slowing down with the spellchecker
    • is going to try some profiling to see where the slowdown is occurring
    • “you can enable profiling in admin UI->Settings->Logging, and then access a URL with ?profiling=1 appended”
  • Teresa – some questions about form handlers
    • turns out to be unnecessary though (the admin would be expected to just copy their template extensions into the template directory)
  • No one feels completely panicky at this point
  • Screen caputures
    • going to be due April 8th
    • its a good idea to start looking into a decent program to do this
    • Also, we will all need a decent mic for the screen captures
    • best to either post the video to youtube or upload it and send the url to mike so he can post it to his youtube account
    • after the screen capture is posted send Mengyun the url so she can put together the screencap blog
  • Projects will not likely take the entire term to complete
    • let Christian, Mike, or David know if this is the case so you can figure out some other work to do
  • No one has been reimbursed for the code sprint yet – Mike is looking into it
  • Crystal, Khalil, Steve, and Teresa all have reviewboard project presentations for class requirements in early April

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