Meeting Minutes – February 27

Opening Remarks

Mike lead the meeting mentioning these items:

  • A few people have some minor roadblocks to clear up.
  • Mentioned that Karen has finished the paperwork and that the cheques should be in the mail soon for reimbursement
  • Asked if anyone needed help after the meeting (several replies)
  • Noted that there was about 6 weeks left in the course & some will be completing their projects before then so need to pick some new ones

Finishing projects on Reviewboard

Kahlil asked if we can continue to work on our projects after the deadline if we don’t finish?

Mike replied “of course”:

  • Reviewboard is an opensource project, so all future contributions are welcomed
  • However, we are only graded on the work we have completed by the end of the semester


GSoC is coming, and Review Board has a history of being a GSoC participant. If anyone is interested in doing GSoC, RB might be a good fit if you want to continue your work (or want to dive into something deeper in RB) and get paid for it!

Your experience is an advantage but no guarantees as there are a high number of applications.

They are, however, looking for mentors that will allow more students to be accepted


Concluded the meeting with individual support.


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