This week I have been very busy working on my ReviewBoard project. I feel I am starting to really find my groove this week. I ran into a couple of roadblocks dealing with XML. The resources currently don’t have the functionality to accomplish what I want to do! At first I was a bit worried on how I would continue with my project, but after talking with the mentors we came up with a way to solve the issue. The problem was that the current XML doesn’t allow of multiple non-unique tags. I started off on a little side project to add the functionality to our djblets framework. That was fun :). I have implemented most of the changes for that already, I was pretty excited to get it done, so I spent quite a bit of time on it. I have it to the point where it is working, but I have a feeling I am missing some of the bells and whistles before I am able to push it in. I plan to go over that next meeting.

After having that fixed, I have continued to work on my feature! Having designed the part of the framework that I am using, it’s a bit easier :). Anyway, I have gotten a solid start on creating the XMLExport. I am still a little bit worried about the code snippet part and how I will get that in XML format, but I will try to tackle that when I get there.

I just commited some of my code to github, so I don’t have to worry about losing it!



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