Status Report – Mar 13



* Added some finishing touches to the floating banners
* Started trying to implement OAuth

Next Steps

* Hopefully get the floating banners shipped out!
* Continue to work on OAuth


* None this week



-fixed memory leak problem
-lots of testing
-created diffs
-uploaded code for review

next steps

-correct code that has been reviewed
-continue to create diffs


-just waiting for code to be reviewed



– Fixed up a few bugs through testing
– Cleaned up my code and adding comments
– Not sure how to do the documentation for my web api resource
– Couldn’t fix this one bug

Next Steps

– Fix this one bug (will ask during meeting)
– Document my resource
– Talk to mentor for a new project and start working on it (so excited!)

Road Blocks

– Felt ill this week



– still working on the templates
– was able to successfully add new content using an extension

Next Steps

– write up the documentation
– finish with the templates (not sure how far to break them down – could go very fine grained)


– nothing really



– work with dictionary api
– learn about js,jquery and ajax and .js with rb
– write js with my api

Next steps

– continue with js
– implement api’s update

Road Blocks

– write $(“.someclass”).action(), but it doesn’t select all that class.



– Implemented non-unique element changes to JSON part of the models.

– Started working on screenshots XML, made good progress

– Researched on how to get code snippets into an XML format

– Worked out the XML hierarchy for code snippets

Next Steps

– Fix road blocks dealing with code snippets

– Complete xml for screenshots

Road Blocks

– Don’t know how to get all the parameters I need for code snippets


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