Status Report

Mark Striemer


* Implemented the models and first few views for the OAuth support

* Did a lot more reading on how OAuth works
Next Steps

* Continue implementing OAuth support

* Write an OAuth client for testing the OAuth server

* The JavaScript OAuth client that I was using to test the server

appears to be version 1.0 and will no longer work for testing

Steve Sutcliffe


* corrected critiques on fill-database script

* added password option

* chose next project (an unfinished project from last year)

Next Steps:

* review code in unfinished project

* figure out what needs to be done & where to start

* get the code itself (we don’t have access to original project, Christian is

looking into this)


* unfamiliar territory on this new project, looks like lots of alterations to

various parts of reviewboard.



Crystal Koo



* Fixed this annoying bug with quick search that took me forever. It turned out I was searching for a private review request and so it was returning stuff that was undefined.

* Post reviewed and David has given some feedback. I have fixed those and updated it.

* Had some trouble with grabbing Mike’s code of issue tracking but Christian helped me on that. I started looking into it and played around with it for a bit.

Next Steps:

* Waiting on feedback for quick search

* Tried playing around with issue tracking but I’m getting an error so I didn’t get a chance to use it

* Making the inline of issue tracking prettier

* Start working on screencast?


* Need to figure out how issue tracking works exactly and figure out why I’m running into an error

* I have 3 midterms and a project due next week and going to Texas on Friday. Super time management is key

Mengyun Kong


* Implement context menu for spell checking on diffviewer

* make ‘ignore once’ and ‘add to dictionary’ work for the feature

Next Steps:

* clean up code

* improve and add functions

* maybe it’s time to think about improving the performance for highlighting errors


* not sure if I’m on the right way..



Teresa Hume



* Working through review comments (fixing problems).

* Re-working templates (found some places where the smaller components had more than they should to be easily extendable).

* Wrote up instructions on how to extend a template along with a simple example.

* Wrote up a blog post for UCOSP.

* Probably ready to start thinking about a new project (or possibly try some bug fixes).

Next Steps:

* Finish up the fixes from the review.

* Try some bug fixes/look into screencast software.


* Nothing right now


Kahlil Amlani


* Completed most of screen shots into XML transformation

* Received some advice on how to handle code diffs and have been trying to figure it out

Next Steps:

* Complete the code diffs part


* After taking ChipX86’s advice, I spent a lot of time trying to implement various pieces in order to get the diff. I am getting the results back, but I don’t know how to handle the data so that it is produced in the format I need it.




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