Status Reports

Mark Striemer


* I didn’t actually get to work on RB this week, but other school work
is now done for a bit, next week should be extra productive 😉

Next Steps:

* Write an OAuth client to test the OAuth server

* Finish the OAuth server

* Integrate the RB/Djblits authentication with OAuth


* Other school work

Steve Sutcliffe

* Fixed some critiques on fill-database project

* Fixed critiques & got file-attachment project working with current review board release

* Initial look at next step in file-attachment project

Next Steps:

* Solve the ‘review file’ comment issue

* Determine next ui feature to resolve


* UI is unfamiliar territory

Crystal Koo


* Received reviews for my 2 review requests and spent a lot of time fixing them. Had some major indentation problems and some bad coding. Post-reviewed them again.

* Wrote the UCOSP blog

* Downloaded software and writing outline for screencast. Microphone on my laptop is not working and I spent 2 hours on to fix it. It works but the sound is very choppy.

* Starting on presentation on what I did this term for my school requirement

Next Steps:

* Work on my new task of issue tracking (this status report is written on Thurs and I will spend more time on Fri/Sat/Sun)

* Continue with screencast

* Start on presentation


* Tough week. 3 midterms, 1 project due and I’m off to Texas on Friday.

Teresa Hume 


* Finished adding the documentation for the themes project

* Went through looking at defect reports

* Started looking into how to fix one of the confirmed defects

* Found decent screecast software

Next Steps:

* Keep working on the bugs

* Do a screencast/get a demo ready for my project


* None really

Kahlil Amlani


* Completed the diff part of the xml

* Added some data of a review request to the xml

* Started some code clean up, and refactoring

* Started some testing

Next Steps:

* Get ChipX86 / m_conley’s opinon on the XML format that I have right now

* Submit a review


* After this part I would like to add a couple of other customizations, so I would need some guidance on that

Mengyun Kong


* improve my code according to the reviews

* add option for personal wordlist in settings

Next Steps

* to do more with this feature

* or finishing this one and do some bugfixes?

* demo screencast


* need some guidance on the performance of spell checking.


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