Status Reports



  • Changed the XML format to meet the suggest changes by ChipX86 and m_conley
  • Completed refactoring code and cleaning it up
  • Started to work out the detail of my presentation. Spent a lot of time on converting XML to PDF, but I now have something that is produced !

Next Steps

  • Complete Demo
  • Prepare presentation for UBC
  • Submit code changes ASAP for review
  • Blog post for UCOSP

Road Blocks

  • I don’t know how to update my branch so that I can post-review those changes only.



  • clean up code and post-review the option dir for dictionary in spell checking
  • try to speed up highlighting for spell errors.
  • make a demo for screencast


  • try to improve the performance of spell error highlighting
  • get screencast ready



  • integrated file-uploader into current version of ReviewBoard
  • created webcast of fill-database
  • started on presentation for U of S
  • worked on report for U of S
  • attempted many times to get the comment dialog box to work

Next Steps

  • get the comment dialog box to work
  • fix the text loss issue
  • finish presentation/report/webcasts for friday


  • the comment dialog box!



  • Fixing up quick search with regards of the comments from the review request
  • Chopped review request’s summary if it’s too long
  • Tried to do bug 1842 but haven’t found much luck. I need a little help.
  • Looked at potential ideas of what to do with the “Press tab to autocomplete”
  • Worked on issue tracking by trying a bunch of colours to make it easier on the eye and found 2 colours.

Next Steps

  • Continue with bug 1842 or at least have search be able to search review request id
  • Wrapping up quick search
  • RB presentation for school
  • RB screencast


  • Last week of school. Very busy!
  • I am not sure why searching by review request id does not include the review request in the results. I took a look at it and it seems implemented (not by me). I tried working with it and I can’t get it to work.



  • Still working on OAuth.
  • Spent a lot of time reading the OAuth specification instead of guides online.
  • Started writing a client for testing the server and found out that the python-oauth2 module might not work out for the client (or server after reading the specification).
  • I’ve started writing a helper module for oauth2.0 stuff, I’d rather not do this, but it looks like there isn’t one written that matches the specification.

Next Steps

  • Keep plugging away at OAuth.
  • Get my screen cast done.
  • Make sure I get something usable out of all this OAuth research.


  • OAuth 2.0 seems like a bit of a moving target, but 1.0a is quite complicated.
  • OAuth 2.0 libraries are few and far between.



  • working on my screencast
  • still going through defect reports to try and replicate them

Next Steps

  • write a report on the project for U of S
  • make a presentation for the project for U of S


  • nothing but other classes

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