April 10th Meeting Minutes

ChipX86 talked about his game project that he was working on this past week: http://pyweek.org/e/mop_and_bucket/

Mike mentioned that everyone did a good job on the screencasts & thanked Mengyun for uploading/converting them.

Today’s meeting was focused on the feedback of how things were run this semester.

Generally speaking:

  • Django tutorials online weren’t that helpful
  • Django book was a good resource: http://www.djangobook.com/en/2.0/ (first 5 chapters especially)
  • GIT guide specific to reviewboard would of been very helpful
  • Useful cheatsheet: http://ktown.kde.org/~zrusin/git/git-cheat-sheet-medium.png
  • Start of term instructions for setup would be helpful
  • Mini-sessions on the various languages
  • Orientation to Review Board during the sprint weekend.

Feedback on weekly meetings:

  • Generally good & to the point

Feedback on mentors:

  • Generally available & nice they are in different timezones
  • Good that there were three mentors
  • Difficult to know when the mentors were available on IRC
  • Some improvement needed for having reviews completed more frequently

UCOSP Administration:

  • Some felt expectations were unclear (no outline)
  • Others felt the evaluation process was unclear

Projects this term:

  • ChipX86 hopes to get all projects into RB’s 1.6 release
  • The mentor’s were happy with what was accomplished
  • Students are welcome to keep on with their projects or other projects and the IRC chat will still be there
  • Project sizes were about right, students were involved in testing and debugging if their projects were finished early
  • Pairing up in projects would have been nice, but might have involved some overhead (including some GIT confusion/clobbering)

Review Board hopes to offer a hosting service: https://www.rbcommons.com/plans/


  • Email CHIPX86 GITHUB Addresses
  • Branch name & Descriptions
  • Update your branches & push it to your github


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