Meeting Minutes – May 22, 2011

  • Christian & Mike checked for project roadblocks:
    • Babak: no roadblocks, just minor issues with ‘cmd’ on Windows
    • Vlad: no roadblocks so far
    • Alexander: no roadblocks so far
  • GSoC “Work Mode” starts Tuesday, May 24, 2011
  • Mike noted that if the student patches haven’t been reviewed, then students should remind about the patches. Especially if a review is blocking student’s progress
  • Vlad asked about the ways to show student’s progress. Mike explained that patches on Review Board is a good start. Also, posting screencasts on the blog is a quick way to showcase full-blown features.
  • Mike noted that the blog isn’t just for status reports and meeting minutes, but is also a great way to put down your thoughts while working on the project.
  • Mike advised to push the code to a working branch on GitHub to have a backup of the progress with the project.
  • Christian noted that Review Board requires compatibility with Python 2.4 and that it should work from version 2.4 through 2.7. Python 3.0 is not supported.
    • Alexander had a question about the Python interpreter version, because of the bug he fixed. Christian asked for an update on the review request with steps to reproduce the issue.
    • Christian talked about Python compatibility. He noted that there are nightly builds that run the test suite and that would catch most Python 2.4 regressions. Christian explained that Python compatibility is an important reason to write unit tests for the projects.

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