Status Report May22 Summer 2011



  • Finished a rb_install script for Ubuntu 10.10
  • Editing and finishing the script for other distributions (eg. Fedora, …)
  • Practiced a bit more with git

Next Steps

  • Clean up my code
  • Do some testing
  • Read up more on what I have to do
  • Get started on fixing the patch problem on Windows
  • Post the script up on review board


  • Not very strong in programming for windows
  • Did not get the time to check out the bugs, will have one up by Tuesday May 24th



  • Setup Review Board and the development environment on Ubuntu 11.04
  • Worked on a bug fix ( ) to practice my git branching/merging, pushed the fix for review with ‘post-review’.
  • Started working on the static version of the admin dashboard based on my PSD design, HTML structure mostly so far.
Next steps


Next steps

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