Meeting Minutes – May 29, 2011

Common part
  • Babak had a roadblock related to windows scripting and fetching ReviewBoard dependencies on Windows
  • mbait’s first patch was accepted in the main repo
  • m_conley, purple_cow and Babak agree that the installer should resolve dependencies or tell how to do it manually
  • vladikoff tries to simplify administration interface
  • m_conley advises to adhere DRY principle
  • m_conley sends vladikoff to ChipX86 for clarifications about admin templates
  • vladikoff asks about the way to load dummy data into the development environment
  • m_conley tells about corresponding student project
  • vladikoff asks about permission of leaving comments in html templates
  • m_conley blesses
  • vladikoff asks about jQuery version and running on the bleeding edge
  • mbait tells about useful vim mapping for annotating sources
Technical notes
  • Windows installer should resolve and fetch dependencies itself, providing manual installation guide where needed. It should also support “quite” installation via command-line switches
  • now one can devserver via virtualenv
  • “./reviewboard/ fill-database –help” can fill your dev env with dummy data
  • brief comments are allowed in html templates
  • jQuery-1.3.2 should be kept for now

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